Why All Used Car Purchases Are Not Created Equal

Buying a car is one of the largest financial purchases you can make and getting a loan through a traditional car dealer can be one of the least transparent financial transactions you go through. One particularly murky practice is dealer interest rate markups — hidden, discretionary costs added to the loan. At Harbro Auto we don't believe in these practices or gimmicks. That's why when you purchase from us, your buying process is hassle…
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How "Buy Here. Pay Here." Dealerships Hurt Consumers

"If you find yourself in a hole... stop digging." - Will Rogers

Take a drive down the various roads that make up the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and eventually you will come across signage indicating that a "Buy Here, Pay Here" dealerships has taken up residence and set up shop. The buildings themselves may look clean and inviting, their lots offering the promise of being able to locate a good, quality used car, even their salespeople genuine…
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Make Sure Your Vehicle is Road-trip Ready!

Did you know that Massachusetts state law requires that headlights and taillights be turned on when windshield wipers are on? The heat of summer is finally giving way to copious amounts of rain, and as you head out on the open road for your summer travels make sure to turn your lights on and pay attention to these other important summer travel tips.

DON'T TREAD ON ME | Pay attention to the tread on your…
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Valley Friendship Tour 2017 – walk, run, or bike for community How it All Started

How it all started

Two individuals figured prominently in the early success the Valley Friendship Tour thirty years ago: Tim Hare and Gerry Gaudette.

Tim and Jane Hare - Founders of Harbro Auto

Tim Hare, of Harbro Auto, owned a bicycle shop at the time, and suggested to Dennis Rice that they have a bike-a-thon fundraising event.  Tim remembers that The Home National Bank was the original sponsor. Mike Hogan, who has since passed away, was…

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