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Carjoy is our relatively new domain name to help people know that car buying can still be enjoyable, but the story really all started 40 years ago, in April of 1973... two local young men Tim and Dave Hare with a dream of running their own business and raised with the golden rule of "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you" started an auto service and gas station business in Whitinsville, Ma. called Harbro (Hare Brothers). A year later when the OPEC nations stopped selling oil to America, they were not able to sell gasoline. This is when Tim asked his new wife if he could sell her 1972 Chevelle to raise some money to get into the Used Car business. She gracefully said yes, and the rest is history.

In those days you could always find a smiling face and a helpful hand any time that you needed to purchase just about anything... Most business were relatively small family owned businesses. The farmer worked from sun-up to sun-down and milk and eggs were delivered to your door, the grocery man carried your bags to the car for you, the hardware store had everything you might need, and the bankers were sincerely interested in your financial health.. These were small businesses, mostly family owned and operated, that really cared about their customers and gave them the enjoyable experience they deserved. They would go out of their way to help, and not only to find what their customers needed, but also go the extra mile to make sure that they were truly satisfied before during and after the sale.

Over the years big box stores have taken over just about every business, and the experience can now sometimes be quite a hassle. It is hard to find the care and comfort that people once knew. Though you can still find it in pockets there are few businesses that have it as part of their DNA. Wall street, investors, and board of directors have replaced care, concern, and heart that once made up the decision-making ethical standards that were the backbone of America's small businesses.

All Heart. No Hassle. sm

At Harbro we have never lost our passion to help people. We have been on the receiving end of help from so many people, and we appreciate it. Without them, Harbro would never be what it is today.

Harbro has always worked hard to make car buying enjoyable and hassle free.
Carjoy and the domain name just makes it easier to remember that you can visit us when you need a quality pre-owned car, and you want to have an enjoyable experience buying a used vehicle in the Worcester MA area at Harbro. We hope you will enjoy visiting carjoy and "like us" on facebook and share this website and our contact information with your friends and relatives.

The financial people who work at car dealerships in some cases are not much different from those who wrote all of the bad mortgages that people could not afford over the past few years... they do not really care if you can afford the monthly payment.. just if they can get the deal done. Should a 19 year old in college have a $525 per month car payment working only part time ? Well of course not - but it happens. Dealers whose only motive is to make more money, carelessly push people under water financially and they may never be able to get their heads above water again. Once a person's credit score has been destroyed, it can create a life long struggle paying high interest rates that takes far too much of their income away from them.

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The truth is we can all be on the same side.. find a common goal and find a common solution... Back to basics.. We have the resources to find, process and finance great used cars and used trucks and you all need to drive to and from work, school and the soccer and baseball field. Lets work together to reach a common goal and find the right solution that will suit your needs, keep you within your budget and solve the question of how can I make these payments every month on time and keep a positive credit rating. We all need to drive something - but we should not need a lawyer to help decipher the paperwork that we are signing and we should have full disclosure of what we are really paying and what that will mean over time. We can't believe how many people have no idea how long of a loan or how much their interest percentage rate is - or what they even paid for a vehicle ? Let alone if that have any warranties, service contracts or free maintenance included. Lets remove the blinders, open our eyes and be straightforward with one another... Lets start ANEW !

If the last time you purchased a car it felt more like going to the dentist, and you are tired of all the games played by many dealerships, please let us help.

So here's the truth...

Throw out the car adds in your Sunday paper. They're mostly gimmicks, games, and half truths. Often dealerships place adds with prices that seem way too good to be true. They probably are too good to be true, but you won't find out until you have signed on the dotted line and it is too late.

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Love it or Leave it To Us

30 Day Satisfaction Buy-Back Promise...Only at Harbro

This is not the lemon law. It means so much more. It is our promise that you will be totally satisfied. It is like taking your purchase and our entire dealership for a 30 day test drive.

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Below are just a few examples of what our customers have to say about Harbro.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

"Positive - ENJOYABLE - Rewarding ? Car Buying ? Yes !"

My husband and I have purchased two vehicles from the boys at Harbro in Webster. Mike and Mark are a pleasure to deal with, and we have recommended them to many friends and family members. Our experience with Harbro has been very Positive, Enjoyable and Rewarding. We look forward to doing business with them in the future.

Thank You.

Justin & Brandy Linde

The Linde Family, Oxford Massachusetts

"It makes Car Buying a JOY ! ... instead of a job"

"This is my 4th car i have bought from Harbro. I have been satisfied with each car; but there is something about this 4th car that i really enjoy. It has some very nice comfort features which means a lot when you have to be in your car a lot. i really appreciate the excellent service the Staff and Mike Hare took to pick out a car to suit my personal needs. They really goes out of thier way to help & please you. It makes buying a car a Joy instead of a job.


Marilyn Moran, Quinebaug Connecticut

"Truly Enjoyable, Positive Experience with Sales and Service !"

Truly Enjoyable, Postive experience with sales and service. Definately recommend Harbro to freinds and family. Special thanks to Mike and Mark at Webster Harbro.


John Kokocinski, Oxford MA


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Enjoyable Car


All Heart. No Hassle.
 It is the way we do business,

and what it means to you.

Did you know that consumers fear visiting a Car Dealership as much as they fear visiting the Dentist? Let us help.


  1. Harbro Sales & Service Inc

    546 Providence Road
    Rt. 122
    Whitinsville, MA 01588

    • Sales: 508-234-6767
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