Engine Repair and Replacement...Rental cars available for $24.95 per day while your vehicle is in Harbro Service Dept

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​Whether you hear a noise coming from your vehicles engine or your check engine light has come on, get quality engine repairs at Harbro Auto.


A healthy engine is the key to a long lasting life for your vehicle.The engine of your vehicle is an extremely important component and must be regularly inspected in order to maintain its proper condition. A regular, thorough inspection will help prevent potentially costly repairs down the road. Here at Harbro Auto Service, our ASE certified mechanics are specially trained and experienced working with and maintaining engines for all makes and models of vehicles.


Do you have oil spots on your driveway under your vehicle? Is your engine running rough or lacking performance? Has your Check Engine light come on? If you've experienced any of these conditions, you may be at risk of your car breaking down. Engine problems- from oil leaks to sensor failures- will make you distrust your vehicle, fearful of an inopportune malfunction that will leave you stranded. You need engine repairs. Get your engine repairs addressed quickly and allow our team to guide you through the process, from an accurate diagnosis to complete engine repair and replacement. 

The automotive mechanics at Harbro Auto are experienced with all types of engine repair and replacement services. And they can often control costs on major repairs without sacrificing quality or dependability. If you are having an internal engine problem, the mechanics at your nearby Harbro Auto Service center are well versed in a wide variety of engine repairs, including timing chains, oil pumps, camshafts, valve jobs, and more. So they may be able to recommend an engine repair that'll take care of your problem. Our priority is getting you back on the road quickly and safely!

If you' re experiencing any of the following issues, you may be due for an engine service:

  • Check engine light turns on
  • Engine stalls
  • Oil in drive-way
  • Lack of power while driving
  • Lower gas mileage than usual

Any of the symptoms above can indicate that your vehicle is due for an engine service. At Harbro Auto Service, we are the local choice for Whitinsville and Webster engine service and repair. We proudly provide engine services to Whitinsville, Webster, Upton, Grafton, Sutton, Milford, Worcester and surrounding areas. We offer a comfortable waiting room equipped with free Wi - Fi, coffee, and rental vehicles for your convenience.If your vehicle needs engine service and repair, our expert auto repair shop can help!

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