Take a little time to think about this hypothetical question:

Make believe that you are buying a brand new car, for $30,000 and the dealer tells you that they can save you about $2,000 if you would be willing to buy it without a factory warranty. Do you think you would want the savings or the warranty?

If your answer is the warranty, then you have just answered your question of why you should spend the extra money for an extended service plan.

If your answer is the savings, then you are taking a big risk thinking that the vehicle will not ever have any problems during the warranty period. We highly recommend you do not take this unnecessary risk. A motor vehicle is a very expensive, complex machine. When they break, you can't just throw them away. You have to repair and maintain them in order to get the length of use to justify your cost of purchase.

On a new vehicle, because the government mandates that the new car manufacturer provide a factory warranty, the cost of the warranty is just built into the selling price of the vehicle. Unfortunately, that cannot be done with used cars because the book values that the banks use do not include extended service plans.

We at Harbro do all that we can to try to make sure that every vehicle is delivered in excellent mechanical condition, however they all need repairs sooner or later, and the only questions are how much, and who has to pay for it?

An extended service contract doesn't cover every expense that you will ever incur, but they do provide a high level of protection. Especially for the very high cost items like engines and transmissions; as well as other certain electronic components.

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