We do business the old-fashioned way, honestly.

In the "old days" buying a car was simple. There were very few options and because of that prices were also simple. Henry Ford is quoted as saying "you can have whichever color you want, as long as it's black."
Then came competition and advertising. Dealers would advertise low prices in the newspapers as bait to bring prospects to their locations, and then switch them to another vehicle. It has become so prominent in the industry that there are now laws protecting consumers from just this, 

With the introduction of the internet it has become extremely simple for shoppers to compare prices. So simple in fact, some dealers have gone back to the same poor practices found in newspaper advertising. This practice has made it difficult for an honest dealership to have their vehicles, legitimate prices, and messages seen. 

Somewhere hidden in their ads, they have disclaimers that state that the price reflects a certain amount of cash down, or trade equity. Some dealers have actually posted ads for vehicles they don't have, with prices below what the vehicle would normally sell for just to be one of the first few listings of an internet search. All in an effort to lure buyers in to their dealership where they tell the buyer that the advertised vehicle "has been sold".
Another tactic used is to advertise a price below market value and then require that the client finance through the dealership. This allows the dealership to charge an inflated interest rate without you realizing that it adds cost to you over the course of the loan, which adds to the dealer profit.

At Harbro, there are no games, no bait and switch, no hassles, just old-fashioned honesty. 

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