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Stop with the pricing gimmicks!

If you are like many of the consumers we’ve talked to over the almost 45 years we’ve been in business, you have had experience with pricing gimmicks, and they typically haven’t been positive. Maybe you have seen an advertised price for a vehicle, only to be told the vehicle is not actually available for that price. Or, you’ve had a nice conversation with a salesperson, only to get to the signing and found your monthly payment has risen since you spoke with them.

The truth of the matter is simple, the overwhelming majority of dealerships practice deceitful tactics that are designed to pad their wallets, while trying to put on a charade of a “good deal”. At Harbro, we want to take a different approach. We actually want to help. Our mission is to try and change the industry for the better, and help the customers that walk through our doors.

To do that, we have created what we call the “No Hassle” price. The price doesn’t differ simply because you saw us on Facebook versus driving by our two dealership locations. It does not change because you dealt with one salesperson over the other. It isn’t a base price that gets changed by the “hidden fees”. There is no “stocking fee” or “test drive fee” here at Harbro. And don’t worry if your price will change just because a vehicle needs tires, our “No Hassle” price stays the same.

We call it “No Hassle”, but maybe for you, it is simply an “honest” price.

Like a breath of fresh air...

Look! Is the lowest price really the "best price"?

Them vs. Harbro ♥
Price $26,995 $27,995
Document Fee $495 $199
Tax, Title, and Registration $1,787.19 $1,849.69
APR 4.99% Marked Up Per Dealer Reserve, which is a standard practice across the industry. 2.99%Harbro does not mark up interest rates at all. We believe it is a deceitful practice.
Finance Cost (Interest)
Based on 72 months
$4,661.81 $2,812.31
Tires/Brakes/General Repair (First year of ownership*) *Average Spend $1,500 - $2000The majority of dealerships will charge customers for added expenses such as brakes or tires, or will simply sell a vehicle "as-is". $0.00 On average, Harbro spends $1,500 - 2,000 to make sure a vehicle is 100% and we don't feel it is right to pass this expense onto a customer.
Total Cost $35,439 - $35,939 $32,856.00

Demand honesty from your local car dealership. Ask for an "All-in" price.

Listen, we know car buying can be stressful. We can help.

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