It's really quite simple if within 30 Days or 1500 miles you are not completely satisfied with your vehicle purchase with Harbro, we will buy or trade it back from you. It's like taking your purchase and our entire dealership on a 30 day test drive! Eliminating any fear you may have when it comes to purchasing a used car or truck from Harbro Auto. 

Since 1973 we have focused on raising the customer satisfaction standard for a used car business in the Worcester MA. area and beyond. We have chosen to spend money on customer satisfaction instead of fancy buildings and media advertising. Harbro has thousands of extremely loyal clients who conduct our main source of advertising; "word of mouth".

In 1992, we introduced our Industry Exclusive 30 Day Satisfaction Buy-Back PromiseIt was our hope back then that as consumers realized that we offered this level of protection, they would insist that other dealers would begin to offer a similar promise, and we could slowly change the negative reputation used car dealers have earned over the years. Over 20 years later, to the best of our knowledge there are no other dealers that provide a promise of this level of satisfaction, but we continue to do so, and are happy to do our part in changing the auto industry one customer at a time.  We hope this promise will eliminate any fears you might have about used cars or used trucks purchased from Harbro, and possibly even help to improve the industry!

It is our hope that even those who do not choose to buy their used cars or used trucks from Harbro, will insist that any dealer they choose give them the same promise. We hope that if enough consumers demand this, it will raise the standard of the whole used car industry. 

Together, maybe we can help change the used car business for the better!

"We are so confident that you will be happy with your whole experience buying from Harbro 
         that we will buy or trade your vehicle back from you within 30 days if you are not!

   -Tim Hare, President